You expect me to fill that whole page of paper? April 16 2016

Alright, let's be honest.  Have there been times when you've thought about sending someone a piece of mail, a handwritten letter with a special message and you sit down with a blank piece of stationery and a pen and all of a sudden you think "I need to fill this WHOLE page with writing?  What am I possibly going to say?"  That big blank piece of paper can seem daunting.

"How do I start my letter?"
"What should I tell the person?"
"Do I need to make paragraphs?"
Writing a letter doesn't come naturally to everyone.  Some people would much prefer a phone call, others prefer a face-to-face coffee date.  But here's a little secret: letter writing doesn't need to be perfect!  I personally love letter writing for a number of reasons.  Letter writing allows you to share your thoughts and feelings with someone in a tangible way who is cities or states away from you. The element of surprise for the individual when the envelope arrives at their mailbox and they find caring words from you is an incredible gift to give.  I also think it's important because it's a way to capture memories in a different form other than photos or videos.  It allows you to create time capsules in a sense (if you save letters or pieces of mail) that you can travel back in time with, relive memories, relive relationships.  Currently there are boxes and boxes of cards, letters, and postcards from friends and family members still stored at my parents house (thanks mom and dad :) ) that I can't bear to part with.  Those written words hold such special meaning to me and hold memories that I may not have otherwise remembered.
Now, I'm here to share with you one of my favorites tips on sending mail: You don't have to choose a HUGE piece of blank white paper to send.  There are so many fabulous notecards, greeting cards, postcards, and smaller pieces of paper to choose from.  Pick a fun colored notecard and only need to fill the inside.  Pick a postcard from where you'r vacationing and only need to fill the one side.  I guarantee that the more you mail sending you do - the less daunting writing a letter will seem.