Hello! I'm Abby - owner, creator and designer at raindrop paperie. I began designing and making greeting cards in 2013 after many years of scrapbooking, as a way to save myself some time from going to the store for another birthday card when a friend or family member's birthday came around, and as a a way to tap into my creative side. I've always loved receiving and sending snail mail and I took one of my passions and turned it into a small business.

I'm a Minnesota native through and through, and enjoy living in the ever active and fun-filled city of Minneapolis.  I love a good chocolate donut, a hot latte, lazy Sunday mornings, spending time outside, brand new notebooks, a fresh set of pens, going for walks with our pup Frankie, and spending time with my husband. I believe in the importance of handwritten letters and think people should definitely send more snail mail!