Abby and Frankie at the cabin enjoying summer   Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota          Main Street in Minneapolis, Minnesota               

Hi there! I'm Abby, owner, creator and designer at raindrop paperie, which specializes in handmade greeting cards in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I began designing and making greeting cards back in 2013 after many years of scrapbooking and as a way to save myself some time from going to the store for another birthday card when a friend or family member's birthday came around! I love snail mail and believe that receiving a handwritten note is one of the most special things in the world!

Fun facts and favorites:

  • I'm a Minnesota native and love living in the city of Minneapolis - the perfect blend of city living, parks, lakes, festivals, coffee shops, breweries, and more!
  • I love receiving snail mail, but love sending it even more!
  • I love a good chocolate donut and a hot latte.
  • Some of my favorite things include lazy Sunday mornings, spending time outside, brand new notebooks, a fresh set of pens, going for walks with our pup Frankie, and spending time with my husband.
  • I believe in the importance of handwritten letters and think people should definitely send more snail mail! 
  • My favorite colors are pink and grey.
  • My favorite ice cream is chocolate.