Woven Writes Workshop

Woven Writes Workshop


Have you ever stopped to think about how your handwriting is unique and different from someone else's?  That's one of the coolest parts about a handwritten note - it's a unique font and text that can't be exactly duplicated by anyone else.  You are the only one who controls your hand, controls the shape and curve of the letters.  Over the years I began to become familiar with the handwriting of my friends and family who would send me postcards or notes from time to time.  I can spot who sent me a postcard before even reading it based at looking at the handwriting.   Handwriting is one more aspect that makes you - you.

Last month I attended the Woven Writes Workshop put on by Britt (who is simply adorable!) of Woven and Wed, and let me tell you - this workshop was absolute perfection!  Every little detail was clearly thought out - the space, food, studio design, colors, materials - it all completely melded together.  Seriously, any event that has a "make your own mimosa" cart, complete with paper straws and mason jars, wins my heart.  The sweet treats from Amy's Cupcake Shoppe were completely yummy too!! The workshop was set up for you to succeed - including all necessary materials and instructions that you needed to start as a beginner.  An absolute blast for a Sunday afternoon in NE Minneapolis!

I had recently become interested in lettering, brush lettering and calligraphy techniques and styles, but had never gotten any instruction on how to do any of it (unless you count my hours watching Instagram clips of other creatives practicing letters and words).  I found this workshop through social media and instantly became interested.  A friend and I signed up, and it sparked a whole new creative outlet in myself.  The workshop went through some techniques to do brush lettering and how so many writing tools can be used to create unique and individual fonts for your projects, letters, envelopes and much more!  Sometimes you need to think big loopy letters, sometimes you need to think of mixing serif and sans serif fonts together.  Writing is an expression of yourself and it's all about exploring!

If you are interested in diving into the world of lettering/brush lettering/calligraphy, I highly encourage you to check back for future workshops! 
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