Floral Inspiration

Floral Inspiration

As I've disclosed before, I often draw inspiration for my card designs and layouts from colors, plants, and the structures that surround me.  Last weekend was a particularly fulfilling weekend when I went to the MN Landscape Arboretum.  Let me tell you - those tulips, woah! I could have stayed there for hours marveling in the variety of colors present, the way they swayed in the wind, and the way the sun intensified the yellows, reds and pinks of the petals even more!  I hadn't been to the MN Landscape Arboretum in quite some time and it was truly refreshing to be surrounded by nature, plants, flowers - and not deep in the city of buildings, roads and cars.  We went out there for Mother's Day celebrations for my boyfriend's family to take a nice walk around the grounds and enjoy a lovely meal (major plus to the day was seeing his adorable nephews and niece run around, splash in the water and truly light up smelling the flowers!).  We walked through a variety of the different sections, but also took time to drive the Three Mile Drive loop around some of the further back areas - a nice balance for the day.





I highly recommend taking a trip out there at some point this summer if you have the chance.  I'd love to go back later this season to see what new growth there is, what flowers are blooming later in the summer and to absorb the warmth of the sun in a peaceful setting.




You'll likely see more flowers and floral patterns popping up on my card designs as I was inspired to bring some of that nature back to my handmade cards. Flowers make me happy, make me feel alive and bring joy to others - some of the reasons why I incorporate floral designs into my cards. Also expect lots of bright colors - it's finally spring and I can't wait to use more pinks, purples, yellows and oranges in my cards!  The winter months can be long, and the summer months can seem short but let's absorb every bit of light, warmth, growth and natural world that we possibly can while we are blessed with the spring and summer months.

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