Recent Coffee Shop Visits

Recent Coffee Shop Visits

I like my beverages, like a lot - I like a nice cold lemon flavored La Croix, I love a good cold glass of milk, and I adore a good coffee.  The joke at work is I only consume things in liquid form, since on any given day you're likely to find a mason jar of water (yup - quart size), a thermos of tea, a mason jar of green juice, maybe an iced coffee, and probably a bottle of fizzy water on my desk.  At least I know I'm never dehydrated :)

Recently I've had the chance to check out some new coffee shops here in the Twin Cities area and wanted to share my experiences at the different locations, because honestly they're all pretty fab!  Check one out for yourself the next time you're in need of a new spot for coffee.


The Bachelor Farmer Cafe: This adorable place has been open for a few months now and I've actually made several visits to this cafe.  From the bright natural light streaming in, to the famous tiled floor (check Instagram, it's everywhere) to the delicious croissants and coffee, this has quickly become one of my favorite places for a Saturday or Sunday breakfast.  The lattes are smooth, the croissants are flaky and buttery to a perfection and the atmosphere makes you want to hang around, read a book or chat with friends.



Dogwood Coffee, Saint Paul Location:  Tucked back in a quiet street off of University you'll find that the famous Dogwood Coffee now has a Saint Paul location right next to Studio on Fire.  Think modern wood walls, sleek furniture and again, lots of natural light.  The lattes are delicious and you end up looking into your empty cup wishing there was more in there!  Take a drink to go or grab some beans for at home.



Taraccino Coffee:  Now I've lived in the St. Anthony Main area for almost three years and had yet to venture into this little shop until this past weekend with a friend.  It's nestled right beside Bruegger's Bagels on East Hennepin Ave.  It looks tiny from the front, but there's actually quite a bit of seating inside  - whether you pick a table and chairs or the comfy looking sofas.  The iced chai tea latte I had was extremely refreshing and yummy for the already warm Sunday morning we were experiencing in Minneapolis. A great stop for a tasty and refreshing drink!

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