Hello! - Friday Introductions!

Hello! - Friday Introductions!

Hello!  I know that there are some new followers around here, and new connections that I've made recently so I wanted to share a little bit more about myself and what makes me, me!  Thanks for reading and happy Friday Introductions!

Some fun facts:

- I am an only child.

- From the age of about 6 to the age of 25 I never rode a bike. Nope, not once.

- I've never had surgery or stitches (knock on wood, fingers crossed).

- I got braces and glasses in the same year - hello awkward elementary school photos.

- I ate cotton candy for the first time in my life at age 25.

- I love every kind of vegetable, but strongly dislike most fruits (especially berries).

- I'd rather drive hours and hours on a road trip than have to take a plane ride.

- I hate amusement parks and rides.

- I could eat breakfast for every meal of the day.


Favorite color: Pink, navy and purple.  Actually I'm a bit obsessed with colors, so I love them all!              



Favorite artist: Edgar Degas and Jackson Pollock


Favorite food: Donuts, pasta, cereal (ohhh goodness my carb love is strong!)


Pants or skirts: Hands down skirts (and dresses!)

Favorite season: Fall and then spring, then winter and last summer.  I mean you can always put on more layers when it's cold, but there comes a point in the hot humid summer where you just can't take any more layers off.... or it gets awkward lol.  But in all honesty, I don't think I could ever live anywhere that doesn't have distinct seasons.  It's a source of inspiration for my card designs and it keeps life interesting and refreshing where there's new temps and new colors over the 12 months.



A fear of mine:  Being in social settings where I know no one... or even knowing only a few people.  Seriously sometimes my mind goes through all possible ideas of what my excuse can be for not going - and honestly it's the anxious feelings of being in a new setting that makes me stay back.  But hey, I'm working on it and learning that being in new places CAN be a good thing and CAN lead to some amazing connections! (I'm also afraid of losing my memory, so I take so many photos to be able to look back and remember things!)

Must do everyday: I'm an organized person, so making sure everything is good to go for the morning the night before is a must.  Clothes are all set out, lunch is made ahead of time, mugs for tea are set out, and my bag is packed!  This makes for a stress-free morning to have a cup of tea and a little time with the pup!  I am also strongly attached to my planner and love to write important dates/mtgs/reminders in it.  While I use Google Calendar as well, there's something so nice about writing things on actual paper and I love my Simplified Planner!


Favorite place visited: This is a tough one because I have been lucky enough to travel to many places across the world in my 29 years of life (crap - 30 is only less than 9 months away!).  Thanks to my awesome parents who took me on many family vacations as a child (and supported my J-Term abroad in college - or as they affectionately like to call it "my month long vacation in Europe"). New York City was pretty cool, Chamonix in France was absolutely adorable, and Seattle has a bit of my heart with the mountains and waterfront.  Then there's Denver, Boston, Rome, Athens... goodness the list goes on and on.  



Something brave I've done:  The summer after my freshman year of college I boarded The Empire Builder Amtrak train for a 36 hour train ride to Wenatchee, WA by myself for a three week volunteer position at Holden Village.  A place where I knew no one, where there was no phone and there was no internet.  We're talking deep in the mountains (ferry ride up Lake Chelan, followed by a switch-back school bus ride up the mountain to the retreat center).  I'll just tell you that I went back the next three years and it was one of the best things I've ever done in my life.


Favorite place in Minnesota:  This is a tough one since I've lived here pretty much my whole life (minus the 10 months I lived in Seattle) and have definitely been to many areas of the state - thanks again to mom and dad for this, and for taking me with on all family vacations/camping trips when I was younger - even when I went through my attitude phase ;) So I'd have to say Duluth and Stillwater are my top two cities!



Best part of the day: Morning - yep, morning person here!  More so, morning person when I don't have a lot of responsibilities: think leisurely cup of tea, browsing my favorite blogs, enjoying the fresh air blowing through our front door and getting stuff done in the early hours of the day to free up my afternoons and evenings for fun!

Favorite things in life: This is a no brainer - family, my boyfriend Shawn, friends, paper, our pup Frankie, magazines, crafting, coffee, iced chai tea lattes, being outside, traveling, being lakeside, sending mail, and collecting pens (I blame the pen obsession on my dad because ever since I can remember he's always had tons and tons of pens and specific pens, not just any old pens, there always had to be a certain type of pen that he loved to write with). 



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