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I often get asked where I find the supplies that I use in my cards.  The true answer is everywhere.  I consider every little unique store, every paper supply place, and every crafting shop a treasure hunt for me, just waiting for me to discover all that it holds.  I honestly never know what I will find when I walk into a store.  I found some wonderful light brown cotton twine once at Kitchen Window, a popular culinary and cooking shop.  The color and thickness were perfect – just what I was looking for.  The ever popular “Dollar Spot” at Target has been a favorite of mine for some time now, but recently I’ve found adorable little stamps, precious polka dot paper and one of a kind ribbon and string there.  It’s a dig to find the perfect sets, but it’s worth it!  Paper Source sucks me in like nothing else.  The walls of colored and patterned papers, envelopes, and greeting cards giving off inspiration – it’s a dangerous trap for me.  Time passes oddly while I’m in there, an hour feels like merely five minutes to me.  Then there’s the Ax-Man, your crazy, wild and weird surplus store, carrying everything from gears to marbles, boxes to lights, and everything in between.  On my last visit there I found lovely sheets of scrapbooking paper, all different colors and patterns.  Definitely couldn’t pass that up!  But that’s just the beginning of where I find the materials I use to make my cards. I will always be the one saving ribbons from holiday gifts, using the “extra” button you get with new clothes for embellishments, and any swatch of colored paper that will give me inspiration.  Looking for an online store selling wonderful products?  I highly encourage you to check out Two Peas in a Bucket.  Not only is their store name adorable, but the products they carry are like an addiction to me.  I could look every day and discover new papers, new stickers, new postcards, anything.  I’ve placed a couple of orders with them and everything has always gone so smoothly.  Orders have arrived in a short amount of time and are always packaged so carefully.

This week is the National Stationery Show in New York City, and while I am not physically present at the show, I feel that a little piece of me is there as I follow many wonderful creators, artists, entrepreneurs, and designers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  I’m always inspired and energized by the work of these wonderful companies and individuals.  In honor of all the wonderful products and items being discovered out in New York City this week, I invite you to check in on my blog every day this week for a peek at some of my favorite tools and items I use when making my cards!


Two Peas in a Bucket


Paper Source

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