April - Write_On Campaign


April 1st is quickly approaching and I'm working to gather all of my writing materials for the 30 days of April - pens, envelopes, cards, paper, stamps.  Why?  Because April is National Letter Writing Month and I am taking the Write_On Campaign challenge from Egg Press and Hello!Lucky to write 30 letters in the 30 days of April!  I'm so excited about this, and excited to send some happy snail mail to 30 (or more) various people/businesses/companies for the month!  Will you join me?  Who doesn't love to get a handwritten letter in the mail or a bright colored card that makes you smile? 

I'm starting to gather ideas of who I plan to write to for the 30 days, but check out the list on the Write_On Campaign website for more ideas!

- A letter to a friend out of state

- A letter to a relative you haven't seen in awhile

- A note to an old college friend

- A fun card to someone you know expecting a new little one

- A card for a co-worker who's helped you out a lot in the past

- A letter to a significant other 

- A note to a parent to let them know how much they mean to you

- A card for a little niece or nephew who enjoys getting mail

- A letter including a fun recipe you found to someone who loves to cook

- A card including some fun stickers you gathered to a little kid (what little kid doesn't love stickers?)

- A birthday card to someone who you normally don't send one to


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