3 Things that brought me joy this week - February 4, 2022

In an effort to eat healthy, I’m really excited when I find a recipe for a meal that makes a big batch and can be eaten all week. Earlier this week I made this bean and rice salad full of fresh veggies and it is so easy and delicious! Definitely made lunches in the middle of the work day easier.

The dry and cold winter air has been super harsh on my skin. In an effort to combat that I’ve been drinking lots of water and taking good care of my skin! I love using this Rose Water Face Spray from Trader Joe’s - it’s so refreshing and smells amazing!

The third thing that brought me joy this week was my Simplified Planner. I love using a paper planner and this one is the best. It helps me track my work days, but also things I need to do, meals we’re eating for the week and a great place to write random reminders. The layout is really clean with pops of great color throughout.


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