3 things that brought me joy this week - February 11, 2022

3 things that brought me joy this week - February 11, 2022

I realized that I hadn't printed photos for quite some time, and had a selection of photos from the holidays, autumn and early summer that I wanted to get printed. We included many photos in our holiday collage cards that went out to friends and family, but I always like to have printed images on hand. I downloaded the snapfish app and actually got the 100 prints for free (just needed to pay shipping). Photos have always held a significance to me, so now I have many that I can frame around our home.

I've gotten into painting my nails quite a bit as a fun way to add color to my style and days. Over the holidays I got a 10 color set from Target that had these great neutral and pastel colors in it. I decided to go with this mauve/purple color this week and wasn't disappointed.

Continuing on my healthy skin care routine, I've been loving these two items from Salve Natural BC - a lip balm and a hand salve that is so hydrating and nourishing. I got both of these items as Christmas gifts and they are a perfect thing to have around to moisturize with.

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