All about color!

Recently I have been very inspired by paper in various colors and pattens in designing and creating cards.  There are so many wonderful, vibrant and rich colors in the world, and so many different ways to combine them.  I believe we so often get used to the way that colors work together that we become comfortable and routine with color pairings.  We associate colors with certain items in society or holidays celebrated - black and orange represent halloween, red, yellow and green are associated with traffic lights and red and pink are connected with love.  Stores and companies use colors in their logos and advertising, schools use colors to distinguish one from another and countries mix colors to create various flags which allow them to stand out from one another.  When we take the time to appreciate and study colors we can see how great colors look together, that light green and light pink can look fun and lighthearted, or light pink and navy can create a classic look.

I invite you to appreciate the colors used in raindrop paperie's cards and consider mixing colors in your everyday life.

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