paper, paper, paper

I took a little trip to Paper Source today and spent much time gazing at the walls of paper. The walls full of single sheets of paper are my favorite part of the store.  I am fascinated by the many colors, many patterns, and many intricate details across the sheets.  It's hard to leave without buying every piece of paper there.  Some have gold woven in, some have glitter and others are so shiny the light from the ceiling reflects off of it.

I started thinking about where my love of paper began, and I realized that I've always loved paper.  When I was younger I was filled with excitement when I would get a new coloring book, dreaming of the colors that would soon fill the pages and bring the characters and scenes alive.  Autumn always brought about new, clean and fresh pages of school notebooks.  I waited for the day which would bring the trip to Target to look at the shelves of notebooks and pick out the ones that I would love all year long.

These days I still am still drawn to new notebooks, new planners, new calendars, but even more so I am especially drawn to beautiful, detailed gift wrapping.  I love the texture of paper, the creativity that can be expressed with paper and the colors that embody the woven fibers. 

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