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Why do I love cards? Why do I love creating cards? Why do I think it's so important to let others know what you are thinking and feeling?  As an ISFJ, I am a nurturer. I care for others all the time. I am always thinking of others and striving to make someone have a happy day, to laugh and to just feel good about themselves. Creating cards has given me a way to not only express my creativity, but also to create cards which have meaning and emotion. Colors and patterns of certain papers evoke different feelings.  Glitter and stickers can add glamour and fun to an ordinary birthday wish. Butterflies, buttons and ribbons add new dimensions to a thank you or a thinking of you message. Sure in our world today emails can be sent back and forth in an instant, and an "I love you" text can be sent in a second, but think about how you feel when you receive a handwritten, loving, caring message from someone. You see that person within the handwriting, within the "xoxo" or "love you" closure of the note. You see the drawn smiley faces or big messy hearts signed with their names. It's a way to connect with others, a way to share your emotions and feelings when you might not be right next to that person, perhaps miles and miles away from one another.

So I challenge you to think about those who are important to you and when was the last time you really told them how much they meant to you.  Pick a fun, bright card for you niece or nephew to congratulate them on landing a role in the school's theater production or a spunky, polka dot birthday card for your close girlfriend who you haven't connected with in awhile. Whatever the occasion, whatever the reason, take that extra second and consider sending a handwritten note. Think about how good it could be. 

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