Welcome to Washi Tape Week!

Welcome to Washi Tape Week where you will find a new blog post, Monday through Friday with a fun, creative and simple crafting project you can do using washi tape.  


Today's project is all about envelopes! 


We'll start off the week with a project that requires only a few tools and a small amount of time.  You'll need envelopes, a pair of scissors and washi tape.  A ruler might be helpful too for measuring different lengths.  This project works best on a flat, stable surface.  It can be fun to pick out bright colored envelopes, but you can also add your own color to white envelopes when sending a fun note or card.  Washi tape is great because it comes in so many different colors and patterns, that there is always a washi tape for the occasion.  I love to follow the lines on the envelopes when placing the tape to ensure the tape looks fabulous.  Switch up your patterns, decorate the flap, use lots of tape, or use little.  It's a nice little addition to any envelope that is being sent!



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