Washi Tape Week - Day 2

Day 2 in Washi Tape Week! Today's idea is all about taking a simple brown bag and jazzing it up a bit with some colorful washi tape.  Again, this is a fairly simple and quick project, one that kids can help with as well.  All you'll need is brown paper bags, washi tape and scissors.  This project works well on a hard surface, for example a table or hard floor.  

It works best to have the tape go over the edge a bit and trim the extra tape off, when placing the tape on the bag.  That way you get a nice straight edge on the tape without cutting the tape too short.  I like to place the tape in all different directions.  Use all the same pattern or mix up the colors and patterns. 


I love this idea for any type of gift bag, party bag, treat bag, or even to make fancy bags for kid's lunches.  It's easy, quick and fairly inexpensive!  Give it a try the next time you wrap a gift or make party bags for a party you are hosting.

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