A Cherished Holiday Tradition: Sending Christmas Cards

A Cherished Holiday Tradition: Sending Christmas Cards

Ever since I was a small child I’ve loved snail mail, but there was a time during the year that I especially loved snail mail - the holiday season.  The time when cards, letters and photos would flood our mailbox telling us what loved ones had been up to the past year.  I loved anticipating what color the envelopes would be, whose card would we receive first, and whether there would be a photo or letter enclosed.  Would the card have glitter? What depiction would be on the front of the card? (Disclosure: this is still my favorite time of the year for snail mail!)

Sending Christmas Cards

As I grew up I become more involved with our family Christmas cards. I began helping write the holiday letter, I looked forward to taking the family Christmas photo and later on, making the holiday cards that would be sent out.  I now carry this tradition into my life and family with my boyfriend and our dog to create Christmas cards each year to send out.  I look forward to pulling together photos from the past year that capture memories we've made, places we've traveled and experiences we've had.

The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year.  It’s the time to get together with family, bake yummy food, eat, drink and be merry with those who are important to you.  Here in MN there’s usually snow (and cold and wind) so it’s the time to snuggle up at home with lots of blankets, drink endless amounts of hot cocoa and tea, and watch classic holiday movies.  There’s a magic in the air – those feelings that stir up inside you when your favorite holiday song comes on or when you participate in a loved holiday tradition.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

So why do I think it’s important to send Christmas cards? I believe it’s important to let others know that you are thinking of them during the holidays.  It's a good way to send out of town relatives a little look into your life that they may not always be a part of due to miles between.  More than anything else I think it’s pure fun to send out cards! Who doesn’t love getting snail mail, especially during the holidays!? Maybe you’ve lost touch with someone over the year, sending a card can be a great way to remind each other of the friendship you truly have.  Maybe life has been just so crazy for you, that certain relationships have unfortunately been pushed to the back burner – write them that note and make a point to actually get together in the new year.  Get creative with your cards - use various markers and pens to address your envelopes or choose festive stickers to seal the envelopes with.

Happy Holidays

So here's my wish to you as we kick off the official start of the holiday season - slow down, embrace what is important, sing those holiday songs at the top of your lungs, eat lots and lots of yummy sweets, and surround yourself with the ones that matter most!

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