Arts & Ales: Terrarium Making Workshop

Arts & Ales: Terrarium Making Workshop


One of my goals for this year was to attend more workshops, classes and events here in the Twin Cities that are focused on small businesses, being creative and getting crafty.  Last week a friend and I attended the Arts & Ales: Terrarium Making workshop put on by GetKnit Events at Indeed Brewing Company.



Highlights from the evening:

- Super enthusiastic staff which made the evening very enjoyable!  Also the two instructors for planting the terrarium were knowledge, fun and upbeat!

- Yummy, yummy food from Gastrotruck catering (check them out - the BBQ Chicken Wrap and Quinoa Salad were fantastic!)

- Super cool event space, The Ox, at Indeed Brewing.  Think exposed brick, lots of natural light and fun seating arrangements.

- All materials provided for the workshop allowed you to be unique and creative in your terrarium building.  Even though we all were given the same base materials, each and every terrarium was different from one another.

- Relaxed atmosphere which was perfect to enjoy a cold beer.


I had no idea that a terrarium actually includes many layers (not just dirt and plants...).  The bottom includes small pebbles, charcoal and specific succulent dirt.  Then there's the moss.  All these layers work together to keep your environment operating and living smoothly, prevents mold and allows for water to move through the layers without becoming too stagnant.  I'm super pleased with how mine turned out, complete with two little cute frogs! The nice thing about terrariums is they require very little maintenance (great for anyone guilty of neglecting plants!).  They also make great centerpieces, add a bit of green to your living space and can be fun to look at.  I highly encourage you to make one and I encourage you to take an Arts & Ales workshop from GetKnit Events!

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