December 2023 Recap - Festive Holiday Season!

December 2023 Recap - Festive Holiday Season!

December always flies by, and it's one of the best months of the year! What is usually a cold and snowy month, was a warmish and brown month here in Minnesota with record breaking temps on Christmas and lots of rain! This month had many pockets of joy and festiveness. Happenings of the month included:

- Christmas Decorations: Every year we put up our tree and decorate for the holidays. We have lights and figurines, cute stuffed animals and candles. Our tree is full of lights, childhood ornaments and ornaments made by/from friends and family members. And there's a lovely assortment of ornaments that have been gifted to Frankie too.


- Cookie Baking with Family: We baked several kinds of cookies with my in-laws, an annual tradition! We made mint chocolate chip, ginger molasses, sprtiz and more! The cookies always smell so good and it's a fun festive day.


- Frankie's Ear Hematoma Surgery: Right before Thanksgiving we had a small hematoma on Frankie's ear drained. Unfortunately it came back (which we knew was a strong possibility) and he had surgery to drain and repair it early in the month. All went well, but it meant a few weeks of extra care and attention, as well as wearing an ear wrap 24/7 to let the site heal. Luckily we got him a maroon colored wrap so he was still festive for all his Christmas photos.


- Annual Lefse Day: A favorite of the holiday season, Lefse Day at my parents house. For the past several years, my dad and I make lefse for the holiday season. It's always a festive time and I love that we have this tradition together.


- Christmas Day: This year we celebrated Christmas Day at my parents house with tasty meatballs, good drinks and a great time.


- #bullysunitesccex23: Once again Frankie participated in the Bull Terrier Christmas Card Exchange and sent over 100 cards and emails out to his friends all over the world! It's one of the best times of the year and an incredible joy to receive beautiful cards from all over.


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