February 2017

February 2017

Where did February go?  Doesn't it feel like it was just January 1st?  The way time flies by never ceases to confuse/amaze/surprise/excite me.  One of my goals for 2017 was to blog more - to write at least one blog post per month (well January didn't happen...) and I thought it might be fun to recap what I've been up to each month, where I've gone, where I've eaten, what new cards I've created.

February was a busy and big month for me - I hit the big 3-0 on February 16th.  I had a lot of fun celebrating with friends and family upon entering this new decade of life.  I wanted to celebrate turning 30 with family and friends in a low-key manner, so we had a great celebration early in the month at Bad Weather Brewing Company in St. Paul, MN.  This place holds a special place for our family as the building actually used to be Northwestern Tire Company - the place of work for my dad for over 30 years! If you've never been to Bad Weather, you should really check it out!  Great atmosphere, fabulous beer and the best staff ever!    




On my actual birthday, I spent the day with my parents bopping around the Twin Cities.  We started the day off at Glam Doll Donuts in NE Minneapolis for donuts and coffee.  This was the first time any of us had been to a Glam Doll Donuts and let me tell you - YUM!  I'm a sucker for a good donut and they did not disappoint.  We headed up to Minnesota Makers (which was the first store ever to carry raindrop paperie cards) and looked around their location up in Robbinsdale.  After that we went over to the Como Conservatory, a favorite place of mine to walk around the greenery, the plants, and soak in some nature in the dead of winter.  Lunch was at Urban Growler which was very tasty - my suggestion: go for the Cowbell Cream Ale.  Wrapped up the day at Bad Weather Brewing (notice a trend of us being there often.....).  My note to all of you: Celebrate birthdays, no matter the number - every birthday is a reason to celebrate!





Tucked in there was Valentine's Day too!  I had a blast sending out some fun Valentine's Day Cards (snail mail lover over here as you know...) and had a lovely relaxing evening at home with Shawn :) He got me the most adorable t-shirt with a little Frenchie dog doing yoga on it.  Next to the English Bull Terrier, the French Bulldog is my favorite kind of pooch.


In addition to running around the cities celebrating, it's been a busy card making month.  Three new stores will soon carry raindrop paperie cards (yes 3!) and I had a few fun custom orders to work on.  You think card season slows down after the holidays - no way!  There's always a reason to send snail mail - always!


I like to think we have made it over the hurdle of winter and we are on our way to Spring!  You never know what March in MN will bring, but here's to days full of more sunshine, more bright colors and more adventures in 2017!

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