January 2024 Recap - Happy New Year!

Happy 2024! In a place (Minnesota) where we normally have lots of snow and cold temps at this point in winter, we had a very odd weather month! With a good stretch of below zero feel like days and no snow, we ended the month with record setting high temps, 55 degrees on January 31.

Highlights from the month include:

- Final cozy moments around the tree: We spent the first few weeks of the month still enjoying the glow around the Christmas tree and the colorful decorations. It's always hard to pack up the decorations, but it sure does feel good to have a clean, organized start to the new year when they come down!


- Time outside: On the days when it wasn't super cold we got out for some walks around the neighborhood. Frankie always enjoys getting in some good sniffs out and about.


- Park trip: On January 31 we hit 55 degrees with sunshine and blue skies, so we headed to BF Nelson park in Minneapolis with Frankie to play around in the field. He loves playing with his toy and it sure does tire him out!


- New card designs: This month many new card designs were added to the online shop! Right now Valentine's Day cards are really popular, and there's some new Bull Terrier Valentines added with cute silhouette add-ons


Currently Reading: The Paris Assignment by Rhys Bowen

Current Favorite Recipe: Baked Turkey Meatballs from Well Plated by Erin

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