July 2017

July 2017

Cheers to summer days, to more slow, to more relaxation.  For the first time, I started using PowerSheets in 2017 to guide me to more intentional goal setting.  I've always liked the ideas of goals, but tended to make them and then not really take a lot of action steps on them throughout the year.  Intentions good, carry through not so much.  So after much reading and following on social media about Lara Casey's PowerSheets, I purchased my first set, and am sold on the intentional goal setting to really Cultivate What Matters

One of my goals at the beginning of the year was to learn and practice more self-care.  We hear a lot about this these days in regards to our mental, emotional and physical health.  And let me tell you - it's true, it's important.  This summer especially (after three moves and finally getting settled into our new place), I am focusing more and more on the little things each day, each week and each month that I can do to make myself be the best that I can, so in return I can be my best for those important in my life.  Our new place has a great workout room and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting in workouts.  My weekend routine has now become to get up early, workout, and feel energized for the rest of the day.  I also incorporate some time outside for me - whether it is reading out by the pool, sitting outside to enjoy the fresh air or just giving myself that "permission" to be what I would have used to call "lazy" (that hang around in pj's past 9:00am).


This past month has been pretty full with things going on too.  We kicked off the month with a very low-key 4th of July (but long weekend!!) with some pool time, Frankie snuggles and card making.  My mom's birthday is July 10th, so we had a fun bar-b-que at my parents house the night before her birthday and then spent the day together on her actual birthday!  Started the day with a fun walk around Como Lake in St. Paul, coffee at The Finnish Bistro, a Target trip and a yummy ice cream cone at the Dairy Queen. 


Shawn and I had a fun night out to the Minnesota Zoo for date night.  Oddly, even after over 5 years of dating, this was our first time at the Minnesota Zoo together.  We saw penguins, kangaroos, jelly fish, and much more! 


Since my parents have been out of town nearly every weekend this summer, my dad and I celebrated Father's Day this month with a weekday Surly Brewing Tour.  We had a great tour guide and a great experience on the tour!!  I would highly recommend it to anyone (and since it was the middle of the week, we had a private tour which was really fun!).


Instead of going anywhere for a length of time this summer, we decided to take days off to make for long weekends and do stuff around the Twin Cities that we don't normally do.  On our last day off together we had breakfast and coffee at one of the first coffee shops we used to go to together: Dunn Brothers Loring Park.  We also spent the morning exploring the new Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.  It was a gorgeous sunny morning and so fun to walk around all the various art pieces.  I'd never been to Hidden Beach before at Cedar Lake, so we spent some time walking along the shore.  


The end of the month wrapped up with a few different car events.  We checked out the Wheels of Italy event at Pazzaluna in downtown St. Paul, as well as the Auto Lieben event at Aftons Alps.  Both events happened on sunny beautiful days and were fun to walk around at. 


It's crazy to think that summer is quickly coming to an end - but autumn is my favorite season so I'm okay with that :)  I'm ready to hold on to these last weeks of bright mornings and sunny evenings. 

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