June 2017 - Happy Summer!

June 2017 - Happy Summer!

Woah - how is it already nearing the end of June!? Friends, these past two months have been an absolute whirlwind and I can tell you I am looking forward to the lazier/calmer days of summer ahead!  Biggest change has been we moved - a couple of times...... and I can tell you that after packing and moving things several times in a few weeks time span, you really get determined to downsize and throw out/donate/sell as much as you can.  Those things you've been holding on to for years (why!?) that could better serve someone else - clear the clutter!  The first apartment we were scheduled to move into unfortunately fell through last minute (as in issues when we arrived to move in last minute) so we spent a month at my parents (thanks mom and dad for everything that month we lived with you!!) and have now settled into our new place in St. Paul (I tell you, my St. Paul heart pulls me back all the time).  We LOVE our new place and have been adjusting to the new features it has to offer (outdoor swimming pool, light filled exercise facility, own washer/dryer in unit!!)  Frankie has adjusted well with all the moves and clearly makes himself comfortable no matter where he is!


In addition to the various moves we made, these past few weeks have included some wonderful family time too!  I celebrated Mother's Day with my mom by taking her to WICKED downtown Minneapolis.  It was the first time that either of us had seen it and we were blown away by the music and costumes!  We also celebrated with S's family for Mother's Day and spent a sunny afternoon at Minnehaha Falls area.  Got in more laughs and hugs with those adorable nieces and nephew. 


More cards shipped out to various stores and new designs were created! I love the transition to summer because I am inspired by all the flowers blooming, the new green grass growing and the fresh smell in the air.  


We celebrated S's birthday with family and the newest addition to the RC car fleet  :) Nothing like joy that a surprise gift to someone you care about can feel like.  And every birthday celebration deserves cookies!


I wrapped up my biggest conference of the year at work and had a lovely stay at The Commons Hotel.  I am now on a quest to find larger sizes of the lovely smelling Archive body products that were in my room!


Here's hoping you have summer days and nights full of love and laughter - gatherings outside - walks in nature - swimming sessions - and more!

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