Lake Harriet, Minneapolis, Minnesota - Summer day with sailboats

June 2024 Recap - Summer Fun, Celebrations and Time in the City

June, the month we celebrate many things, the month summer arrives and a month packed with different opportunities to get outside.


- Art in the Hollow: The first weekend in June we attended the 15th year of Art in the Hollow, a local artist fair that featured close to 200 different makers! The event took place in Swede Hallow Park, a beautiful, lush green park in St. Paul. It was a great day to wander around and see all the awesome makers and art.



- Birthday Celebrations: June is my husband's birthday so we took the opportunity to get out and have some special celebrations including patio beers, coffee and rhubarb pie (baked by my parents!).



- Walks, Flowers, Patio Time and Sunshine: This month brought different weather patterns (stretches of rainy days followed by warm/humid days), so on the nicer days we took every opportunity to get out. I was able to get in a walk along the river with a dear friend on the one non-rainy day of the week she was here in Minnesota! We are loving having beautiful flowers on the patio to look at when we're out there - fun pops of color! We ended the month by a visit to Lake Harriet for cheeseburgers and fries from Bread & Pickle - it was an absolutely beautiful day!

- Father's Day: Dad and I got to celebrate Father's Day with mini-donuts and iced lattes at Bread & Pickle by Lake Harriet. We lucked out on a day when it was cooler and partly cloudy - with the true excitement having the weed harvesting machine pass by us multiple times while we sat on the bench and talked. Highly recommend the mini-donuts and lattes here - they're open every day of the week too!


- Northeast Dog Parade: An annual event in our neighborhood is the Northeast Dog Parade! We love this event and it’s one of Frankie’s favorite too. We all gather at the park, costumes galore, and we walk around the neighborhood, seeing lots of people and providing some great entertainment for those sitting on the local restaurant patios. Lots of great sponsors put on this event.





- New Card Designs: I am truly inspired by the things around me and my experiences. This month I had lots of fun creating new cards that are bright and colorful - inspired by the current summer vibes.

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