Mail Idea Monday - January 31, 2022

Mail Idea Monday - January 31, 2022

Planning ahead is something that is important to me in terms of sending greeting cards. Before a new month begins I always look ahead to the next few weeks to see what holidays or birthdays might be coming up. I also look to see if there are specific instances I'll need certain greeting cards - for instance weddings, baby showers, or birthday parties!


Looking ahead helps me to know cards I need on hand and when I'll need to mail them by to arrive by the special date. I will often make a note in my planner of the event, but also the mail by date so it can arrive in a timely manner. Think about the last time you got a fun piece of mail - maybe it was a card for your birthday or a thank you for hosting a gathering. Be sure to share that feeling with someone else when their birthday rolls around!

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