March 2017 - Heading into Spring!

March is that turning point of seasons I feel like - we hover on the border of cold, snowy winter and warm, sunny spring.  We get chilly evenings but warm daytime temps.  It makes me excited for what is to come with flowers popping up, less layers needed when walking and the warm sun on my face.

Frankie our pup turned 5 on March 12th!  We celebrated with lots of snuggles and treats for him, as well as a birthday bath (which I know we were more excited about than he was).  He got some awesome gifts and cards from some of his friends in the mail too - what fun!


I started to gather all things needed for #write_on challenge - so ready for 30 letters in 30 days!  If you haven't checked out the website, you should: #write_on  Letter writing can be calming, a stress reliever and something that allows you to connect with people in a way that you maybe don't always practice.  I have boxes and boxes full of little handwritten notes, cards, letters and fun pieces of mail I have gotten from family and friends throughout my life.  These are some of my most treasured items!


Retailer Locations Update: Cards are now available not only at one new shop, not only two new shops, not even three new shops - but FOUR new shops over the last few weeks!  These new shops include Gumball Boutique in NE Minneapolis, Salvage Sisters in Mankato, MN, Homespun MN in Minneapolis, MN (look for their opening in April 2017) and Bella Flora in Duluth, MN.  I'm so excited to have raindrop paperie cards available for you at more locations!  I hope you enjoy sending and giving them as much as I enjoy making them. 


This month has also involved a lot of organizing and spring cleaning.  Something about this time of the year makes me realize that sometimes we just have too much "stuff" and de-cluttering can feel so good.  We filled bags of clothes to donate, gathered things to sell and got rid of things that were in bad shape. (Also - there's a few "spring cleaning" variety sets available in the online shop and ready to ship!)


I also was in much need of a new hairstyle and haircut this month.  I've had it long for the past few years and was itching for change.  I wanted to support local so I went to Steller Hair Co. in Northeast Minneapolis.  I saw Jennifer and absolutely LOVE the new style and cut.


March also involved some yummy coffee trips!  I ventured to Peace Coffee on Minnehaha Ave in Minneapolis with my good friend Alyssa.  We also checked out Junket: Tossed & Found. Later in the month I made a stop at a local favorite: Spyhouse Coffee for a smooth, delicious latte.


Tomorrow starts 30 letters in 30 days! Who's excited!? Here's to happy mail sending, happy letter writing and sunny days in April! 

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