raindrop paperie's 4th Anniversary!

raindrop paperie's 4th Anniversary!

Four years ago today I took the big step to make raindrop paperie official - registered as an official small business here in the state of Minnesota and took the leap as a small business owner (eek!).  I had been playing with paper for years, creating many scrapbooks from summer camps in high school, family summer trips, college adventures and European travels.  I'd also been a huge snail mail lover for my whole life, always enjoying the act of writing a letter or note and sending it off in the mail, across the city/state/country to someone who was important in my life.  After quite a bit of time making cards and really starting to design specific styles, (and a big push from my boyfriend), I took the leap and created raindrop paperie.

I never would have imagined that in four short years raindrop paperie would have grown the way it has!  One of my favorite parts of growing raindrop paperie has been working with shop owners.  I am excited to say that you can currently find cards at almost 20 different shops throughout Minnesota (including Duluth, Fosston and Mankato!).  I have done countless custom orders, baby shower invitations, wedding invitations, summer party invitations, gift tags, as well as fun giveaways for local business and groups here in the Twin Cities.

I often tell people I dream about card designs - and it's true! The colors, the patterns and the mixing of the two often come together in my mind, in the depths of the night.  I love taking various ribbons, stickers, glitter, gems and decals to add dimensions to my card creations.  It's a way for me to express my creativity and something to truly pour my heart into.

I want to thank each and every one of you who has impacted raindrop paperie over the years: to my boyfriend Shawn, my parents, my family and friends for encouraging me, to all the shop owners who took a chance and believed in carrying my product, to my wonderful customers (whether you've purchased from me at a craft show, my online shop, at a local store), everyone who has "liked" a post or image, anyone who has read my blog entries, or sent me direct messages -  I am grateful for each of you that has impacted raindrop paperie, all in the best way possible!!

It's fun to look back over the past years and see how my cards have changed!!  Here's a little snippet of card styles from the last four years:

The beginning....... 



Middle years.......





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