September 2018

September is that weird month where it's a mix of wrapping up summer and moving into fall.  We kicked off the start of the month with two more trips to the Minnesota State Fair on September 1st and 2nd.  We went on the second Saturday of the fair.  Yep, the hottest and most attended day of the fair and let me tell you... there were A LOT of people there!  We tried some new beers, made new friends in the animal barns, got in lots and lots of steps, ate our favorite foods (mini-donuts, french fries, pronto pups) and enjoyed some people watching.  We went back at night the next day with a friend.  I hadn't been to the fair at night in many, many years and it's a totally different feel.  We walked through the Midway with all the lights illuminated by the rides, tried some more new beers, ate some more mini-donuts and pronto pups.  I sure did get my fair fill with three visits this year and look forward to going again next year!


The month was filled with little visits to Twin Cities restaurants and coffee shops.   We got lattes and "puppy dog tails" (the best cinnamon twist pastries ever) at Isles Bun and Coffee and grabbed burgers at Selby Bar and Grill.  We also went to The Happy Gnome to enjoy one of the last truly nice weekends of the season.  Even Frankie had a great time sitting out on the patio.


The annual tradition of going to the Nativity County Fair on the Friday night of the three day festival continued.  We went with my mom and dad and enjoyed a nice night outside with burgers and beers.  

Earlier this year we got the Sidewalk Dog Brewery Pass and have been making an effort to use the pass to explore new breweries in the Twin Cities.  One sunny Sunday we headed to the west metro and went to Excelsior Brewing and Unmapped Brewing Co. Since it was warm and sunny we walked around the water in Excelsior and Frankie had a great time exploring new areas. Beer at both places was really good!


My October HiFive from 1canoe2 arrived and was full of fabulous cards!  


We visited Waldmann Brewery for the first time by attending their Oktoberfest.  It's a super cute brewery off of West 7th Street in St. Paul and the inside has a ton of character!



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