Summer in the City

Summer in the City

This summer's goal has been all about getting out and enjoying all things St. Paul/Minneapolis.  The past few weekend's have been jam packed with art festivals, family gatherings, exploring new grounds and eating some yummy food!


NorthernSpark 2016:

Have you experienced this wonderful all night art/community building/creative focused event?  I've attended this event a couple of times over the past few years and it's a bonus that this event took place this year directly across the river from us - we simply walked across the Stone Arch Bridge and were immediately in the heart of the event.  Hundreds of people (maybe even thousands?) attend this event, wandering the streets around the Guthrie Theater and the Mill City Museum.  Art is all around you - large scale, projected onto the sides of buildings, dancing around you as you walk through. 



Amy's Cupcake Shoppe:

Give me something sweet over salty any day of the week and I'm a happy gal.  If you love a good cupcake (or macaroon) then stop down to the newest shop in town in downtown Hopkins.  Not only is Amy (owner/cupcake master) one of the sweetest ladies you'll meet, the cupcakes are fresh, unique, yummy and truly works of art.  We stopped in the weekend after it opened - the space is bright, clean and super cute for a cupcake/coffee date.  I brought home three cupcakes: Vanilla Bean, Salted Caramel, and Mocha - and they were all so delicious.  Check Instagram and Facebook for their daily cupcake selections!





Summit Brewing Company:

I celebrated Father's Day with my dad by going to Summit Brewing Company in St. Paul and taking a tour of their brewery.  We signed up ahead of time (no charge for tours though), and arrived ready to learn about beer (and sample some too).  The tour takes you into their back rooms, where bottling happens, where kegs are stored and where shipments ready to head out are packaged together.  Afterward you are invited to try various beers on tap and sit in their spacious and well lit tap room.  There is ample parking for the brewery and an outdoor space on the side (dogs are welcome too!)



Soaking up that sun:

Nice days have called for relaxing chairs, time with family and truly enjoying summer sun to the fullest.  We had the chance to spend time with my boyfriend's family on Father's Day, splashed in the pool with his sister's kids, chased the new R/C car around the front yard and eat some yummy, yummy brunch.  Our patio flowers and plants are in full bloom and I love spending time out there, enjoying dinner and a good drink, simply watching the trees sway in the breeze above and hanging out with Frankie (who we often call "Patio Dog" when we're all out there).  The summer flies by so quick here in MN and I'm trying so hard this season to savor all the moments.  I encourage you to do the same - take that 15 minute walk outside on your lunch, eat dinner out on the patio chairs instead of inside, throw on your dogs leash for a sun-setting walk along the river.




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